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Seriously, from the days of old, using a box, using a plate, or anything that was a flat tray was the typical “rolling” station for any enthusiast. Face it, times have changed; yet many still use something cheap and simple. The question is, “why?”

Certainly, everyone knows the importance of a good rolling tray. It must be perfect for rolling a “j” or even packing a pipe. It keeps everything nice, tidy, in one place and certainly prevents you from losing a little of the spillage or shake during the process.

Rolling trays come in a variety of sizes as well. A 5×7 may be all you need for a lap to roll, but sizes from 11×7, 14×11, and even a massive 20×15 are on the market today. But that is not all. Many of today’s rolling trays are really your overall “station” of participation and may include storage for rolled joints, stash, papers, lighters, and more. Frankly, a rolling tray is more than just that… it can be a great place to store your stash safely, keep everything together, perhaps locked and dry.

Rolling trays or even boxes can be constructed of plastic, glass, or even wood. Some of the wood trays are outstanding and, frankly, are a statement piece. My Rolling Trays have several that are interesting and work well.

Wood Rolling Trays are not only beautiful but functional too!

Living in legal recreational cannabis states for adults is great because not only can you set yourself up a “polling station” at home, but let us face it, style, colors, and individuality are most important. You can even have multiple trays, some for specific holidays, for like-minded legal-age friends to join in for the 4th of July bash or the New Year’s Eve Party. Having a centerpiece rolling tray is a great conversation piece in the midst of the party. You can find inexpensive versions at Etsy or other online stores, but in most cases, you get what you pay for in the end.

Simply Awesome!

Many dispensaries will stock some better-quality rolling trays that are functional, high quality, and most certainly will be a conversation piece. The best part is, you can see everything, style, functionality, and the great options their selection provides in person. Plus, these rolling trays with so many options will last years too. Do not go cheap! For a few dollars more, you can have everything you need on hand, stored in one place, and be able to show off your “style” at the same time.

After all, you are stepping up and purchasing different high-quality buds with your favorite dispensaries; then, you should consider stepping up with your accessories as well. Functional and creative, finding the right rolling tray to meet your needs is a great idea and a statement piece representing the “unique” you!

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